Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Importance of Cleaning You Gun

The Importance of Cleaning Your Gun
WWW.TheTriggerTrainer.Net- Cleaning your firearm is critical.  However, it is the one thing that seems to be the most neglected in firearm safety. True, it isn’t the greatest activity we would like to spend our time doing but it is still critical nonetheless. There are multiple, serious ramifications that can occur if your firearm is not properly cleaned, including feeding and accuracy troubles.
Cleaning your firearm is not difficult to do. You will need to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how to properly clean your firearm. There are many different gun cleaning kits on the market that make this process even easier.
You will also want to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions on how often you should clean your firearm. Often times, it is recommended that you clean your firearm every 1000 rounds. But there are several factors that could cause you to have to clean your firearm more frequently. One of those factors is the type of ammunition you choose to use. A lot of the cheaper ammunitions will cause your firearm to dirty much faster- something you want to make sure you are aware of. 
There are many different reasons why you should clean your firearm and again, it isn’t the most exciting activity we can spend our time doing, but the most critical. This is especially true if you are relying on your firearm for personal protection. If you were ever to need to use your firearm you would want it to shoot as accurately as possible and the only way to ensure that is by making sure you clean it to the manufacturer’s instructions as often as the manufacturer specifies.

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Monday, 30 July 2012

The Proper Way to Break in Your Firearm

The Proper Way to Break in Your Firearm
The title of this post is a bit misleading I am afraid. The truth is that I could not possibly know the proper way to break in each and every firearm but I still wanted to address this topic because it is extremely important. So many people out there purchase a brand new firearm, just lock it up in their closet or keep it in the top drawer of their dresser “just in case”. This is the absolute worst thing you can do.
It is critical that upon purchasing your new firearm that you break it in properly and the proper way to break in your firearm is to follow the manufacturer’s directions to the tee. This isn’t necessarily going to be the fastest process – often times a firearm will have to have over 500 rounds fired before it is considered to be “broken in”. You may even have to clean your firearm more frequently during this initial break in period.
The point is that you need to do whatever the manufacture instructs you to do because if you don’t your firearm may not shoot as accurately as it could potentially. The break in period is also an excellent time for you to learn about your firearm as not two firearms shoot exactly the same.

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Safety Tips for the Shooting Range

Safety Tips for the Shooting Range

In a previous post I discussed the importance of quality practice time on the shooting range. Today, I want to discuss the importance of firearm safety on the shooting range.
One of the biggest mistakes a shooter can make is to assume everyone at the shooting range knows how to handle a firearm safely. It is imperative to maintain a heightened sense of awareness anytime you are around firearms and the shooting range is no exception! While enjoying the excitement of putting your rounds on target and concentrating on your fundamental shooting skills, it is easy to lose focus of your surroundings. Unfortunately, that is when someone who doesn’t have solid firearm safety habits can do something foolish and hurtthemselves or someone around them – maybe even you.
Here are just a few suggestions on how to keep yourself and your shooting party safe while at the shooting range:

  • Everyone on the range is a Safety Officer! If you observe a shooter handling their firearm in an unsafe manner, immediately notify range management.
  • Make sure you are familiar with all range rules. Yes, these are pretty standard from range to range but you never want to assume that they will be the same.
  • Both eye protection and ear protection should be worn at all times.
  • Firearms should remain unloaded at all times unless you are at a firing station preparing to engage your target.
  • Always keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction. (DOWN RANGE)
  • Keep finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  • Know your target and what is behind it.
  • Firearms should not be handled in any way while shooters are down range.
  • Shooting and alcohol never mix. There should never be any kind of alcohol on the shooting range and if you see any kind of alcohol you should immediately contact range management or report it to the authorities.
These are just a few simple guidelines to help keep you and your shooting party safe at the shooting range. Again, always be aware of your surroundings and if you see something unsafe happening you need to report it right away. SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT!!!!  

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Monday, 23 July 2012

Developing Smooth Trigger Control-The Trigger Trainer


Did you know that if you could perfect your trigger control you could improve your shooting accuracy and consistency by 100%? It isn’t complicated-in fact, it is quite the opposite. When you put your mind to improving this element of your shooting technique you will start seeing success in no time at all.
Trigger control is the ability to squeeze the trigger of your gun without disrupting your aim. The equation is simple-Perfect Trigger Control equals Accuracy. Yes, your stance, grip, as well as other elements of your shooting technique are very important but perfect trigger control is arguably the one that matters most.

The best way to develop perfect trigger control is to practice, practice, and practice. Practicing trigger control helps your finger develop the dexterity needed to complete the independent motion which leads to proper trigger control and then shooting accuracy. Until now shooters were limited on how they could complete this practice. Fortunately for all shooters alike, there is now an option available that will help build that perfect trigger control like never before.
It is called the The Trigger Trainer


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Thursday, 9 February 2012

The Importance of Range Time

The Importance of Range Time
It is so important to make sure you are engaging in regular and consistent range time when it comes to the firearms that you own. By practicing regularly you will become increasingly familiar with your firearm and you will become a more proficient shooter. Both of these are critical for any gun owner but especially if you are relying on your firearm for personal protection.
It is recommended that you visit a range at least once a month. This time at the range should be focused shooting time and not for fun and recreation. There is nothing wrong with enjoying yourself, but you should be able to focus on your shooting practice and not be riddled with distraction. You need to be accurate in your shooting and if you are not you need to figure out why. There are a number of factors that go into shooting well including everything from your shooting form, your ammunition, to the firearm itself. You may even need to consult a veteran shooter to help you identify why you aren’t shooting well or at the very least help you fine-tune your shooting form.
Again, you need to be mentally focused during this time and you need to practice the fundamentals of shooting. This includes loading and unloading your firearm numerous times. The more you can practice this during your times at the shooting range the more natural it will become if you are ever in a time of need.
If there are other individuals in your household that are going to be depending on this weapon for their personal protection as well – they too need to visit the shooting range frequently. They too need to practice the fundamentals and do so in a serious and focused manner.
It is not enough to just have a firearm in your home for personal protection. You need to regularly practice the skills needed to use your firearm in a safe and effective manner. They only way to do that is to practice often.

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Monday, 30 January 2012

Do You Really Need a Basic Gun Safety Course?

Do You Really Need a Basic Gun Safety Course?

So, you recently purchased a firearm- now what? It doesn’t matter whether or not this is the first firearm you have ever had contact with in your life or if you grew up around guns and this is the first firearm purchase you have made for yourself. Regardless, you still need to find a basic gun safety class and enroll yourself in it.
Many people out there feel that if they grew up around firearms, they know what they need to know and they don’t need a class. Well, that is like saying that because your dad let you sit on his lap and drive slow down the driveway that you are completely ready to get your driver’s license and don’t need to bother with the pesky driver’s education course.

There is always something more you can learn and there are always going to be things that you simply forgot. Plus, you may not have the same type of handgun that you grew up around. Another great feature of a basic handgun course is that it forces you to become familiar with your firearm and to become that much more comfortable with it. The safety tips that you will learn and be reminded of are invaluable as well. You will most definitely find that there will be things that you have forgotten or maybe new techniques that you never knew were even an option.

For the gun-owner that has never been around a firearm before – congratulations. You have taken the first big step with the purchase of your firearm and now it is time to take the next step by enrolling in a class. I know this can be intimidating but remember that each of the students are in there for a reason and that is because – just like you – they want to become proficientwith their firearm. It does no good to purchase a firearm and then leave it in the box for it to collect dust.

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Monday, 28 November 2011

Another Excellent Firearm Storage Option

Another Excellent Firearm Storage Option

Previously we discussed where to store your handgun, taking into consideration the safety of others but also having your firearm easily accessible in case you are ever in the need to defend yourself. If you are interested in reading about that click here To be honest, deciding where to store your firearm can be a tough balancing act. You want to protect your kids by not allowing them to have access to your handgun but you also want to be able to protect your family against an intruder if needed.

Anyway, I did want to mention on additional option that seem to be a win-win for everyone involved – gun-owner and anyone in the house that should not have access to the firearm (like your children). It is called the Gunvault Gun Safe and what I like most about this is that the firearm is locked up but it provides very quick access with its “No-Eyes Keypad”. This even allows you to access your firearm in the dark which is a huge advantage.

You can tell from the picture that you simply lay your hand on the top of the safe and are able to enter the code with your fingers – and again, this can be done quickly and easily in the dark. You can check out the Gunvault Gun Safe website for a full review. This isn’t the only brand of these that I have seen but it will give you an idea of a safe and easily accessible storage option for your firearm.

Now, onto finding a proper gun safety class….